The Fel Has Invaded The Forums!

Rosa a+ posted Aug 11, 16

THE FEL AHHHH!!!! We have gone a little green for Legion... enjoy :) I will be fiddling a bit with it over the next few days but also if you notice something totally out of whack please send me a message to fix it.

Meebles a+ It might just be me, but the site seems kinda laggy with this new theme. Although it is nice looking. >.<
Ogion a Yes much better, and the page loads a lot faster now. Yay!
Rosa a+ Any better on your end?

Tomorrow is the big day!

Rosa a+ posted Aug 8, 16

Demon Hunters are ours to play tomorrow :D Have you figured out what you will name yours yet? Are you ready to level another toon? Have you been farming the Black Temple for the infamous Warglaive of Azzinoth? Annnnnnnnnd, it's a bit over 3 weeks until Legion will be live! 

Edit: The Dark Whispers event will be live tomorrow as well as access to the Broken Shores, demon invasions and pre-expansion quests. Glaive of the Fallen is also part of this and is Bind on Account so even if you do not have a Demon Hunter (or plan on playing one) you will still have access to this item. Access to the quests involving Dalaran's relocation, Ulduar and Karazhan will not be available this week but will become available prior to the release date. 

DDoS Attacks... Again

Rosa a+ posted Aug 2, 16

DDoS attacks are influencing the servers and our ability to connect, yet again. Wonder how long this will last and is this going to be how it'll be until the launch of Legion and afterwards for the first few weeks? As if WoW needs help having issues when it's launch time :P 

Meebles a+ Well they did dos during the word launch, but that wasn't nearly as bad as the year of no content. People will stic...

Mark your calendars, the Demon Hunter will be available on Tuesday, August 9th, to play! Any one who pre-purchased the game will gain early access. They can only go to 100 for now but it'll be fun experiencing it. Are you prepared? You better be!

Also to note: There was a mini patch applied tonight. The 12th character slot is available and Night Elves/Blood Elves show the option to be a Demon Hunter but it is not selectable yet.

Oh the changes.. the removal of glyphs has certainly made things different. While there are a lot you can buy (and in turn, an inscriptionist can find) many things have been turned into class toys. The full detailed list can be found here.

There is also a Legion Inscription Guide already available. My impressions have been that inscription and enchanting are going to be big for the next expansion so might as well get ready. 

Speaking of enchanting... something that can be done now is getting the illusion scrolls. These imitate previous enchants so if you have a favourite from previous years you can use it. The list can be found here

Happy prep work everyone! 

Patch is Live!

Rosa a+ posted Jul 19, 16

Lots of bank and void storage cleaning out to do :) Lots of toys to learn and achievements to earn! To help, I would recommend getting the Legion Wardrobe addon. When you mouse over an item it tells you if you have learned the appearance or not so you can sell with the confidence that you know you already know it!

Also if you want to get those illusion enchants back here's a listing of where to get them: Illusions

And if you're missing those fun glyph effects, here's where a few have been found: Glyphs, Tomes, Toys

(copied from MMO Champion)

This update will include a wide variety of features and content that set the stage for the expansion, including system changes, quality-of-life improvements, and major in-game events. Some of these features will be available immediately, while other content will be unlocked in the weeks leading up to the expansion’s launch. Read on for more details.

The Opening Salvo

When the pre-expansion patch initially goes live, players will be able to immediately access many of its key system-related features. Some of these major updates include:

Transmogrification Updates
The new Transmogrification Collections system will make it easier than ever to collect, store, and sort through the gear you want to use for transmogging—without taking up storage space in your inventory, bank, or Void Storage. As you collect items that can be used with the system, you can browse through them—as well as sort by class or slot—in the Appearances tab in your Collections interface.

Class Updates
We’re making some significant changes to classes and their specs for Legion to further strengthen their identities. The core changes to spells, talents, and more are going into effect as soon as the pre-expansion patch goes live. For more information on what’s new for each class and spec, read our earlier class preview blogs.

We’re also making it easier to switch between specializations for different content. Players will be able to queue up for dungeons, raids, Battlegrounds, or Arenas as any role that is available to their class, while continuing to play as another role while they’re waiting. When they enter the content they’ve queued for, they will automatically switch to the suitable role upon entering (at no cost) and then switch back automatically when they leave the instance.

The March Toward Legion

In the weeks following the pre-expansion patch, we’ll be unlocking even more content that leads into the August 30 launch of Legion. We’re still determining the exact timing of these events, but players who pre-purchase Legion can expect to be playing a Demon Hunter around the second or third week of August (no later than August 17 globally). We’ll share more details in the weeks ahead, but here’s a look at what’s in store:

Burning Legion Invasions
Before all hellfire breaks loose upon the Broken Shore, the Burning Legion will begin its assault upon Azeroth, turning some familiar stomping grounds into demon-infested battlefields—and it will be up to the heroes of the Alliance and the Horde to face the onslaught.

Demon Hunter Early Access
In the weeks before launch, those who have pre-purchased Legion will get early access to the new Demon Hunter class. Players will begin at level 98 and will find themselves on the fel-shattered expanse of Mardum, where they’ll play the Demon Hunter starting experience before joining their allies in the fight against the Legion.

The Battle on the Broken Shore Begins
As the situation grows more dire, Azeroth’s heroes will begin their first foray onto the Broken Shore—the epicenter of the demonic invasion.

All of the features and content listed above (save for Demon Hunter early access) will be available to all World of Warcraft players, regardless of whether they’ve pre-purchased Legion.

Side Notes

Ring Quest Line
To note, anyone that is still working on the ring quest line, you have until Legion comes out to be able to finish it otherwise it, as well as the quests, will be gone!

Brawler's Guild
With the pre-patch, the Brawler's Guild will be temporarily shut down! Any work you are doing you need to get it done now otherwise you won't be able to finish. 

Meebles a+ Dropping this here...get your gold...
Meebles a+ Not me, well I did for a while. I hope the bug on ptr/beta where my boats immediately explode when I turn in the mission...
Rosa a+ I gave up on them, the invasion ones I haven't done at all and well... meep.

A 20GB background download is on Usually these appear a few weeks before a patch goes live so looks like things are rolling along on schedule for the pre-patch event. 

Happy 4th of July :)

Rosa a+ posted Jul 4, 16

Wowhead put together a few guides on their site about the things you should do before the pre-patch. A quick rundown from the post is as follows.

Content Removed in the Legion Prepatch

The following types of current content will be inaccessible in the 7.0 prepatch. We’ve put together a guide covering everything removed in the prepatch, which covers these topics. Read the guide for more details on:

  • Legendary questline cannot be started from scratch after the prepatch
  • Warlords of Draenor Challenge Modes and rewards
  • Season 2 Brawler's Guild, which will not be updated for Legion
  • Howl Bomb and Draenor  Pet Charm nerfs
  •  Reins of the Grove Warden from Heroic Archimonde
  • Nerfed Gold missions from Garrisons

Meebles a+ I don't know how to openrad but i think it would be good if i tried to post a group for this week or next there and...
Moonriver Would anyone else be interested in working to get a group for H Archimonde mount?
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